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Christmas Island Dec. 2009

Taking off from Perth WA.Touching down on Cocos IslandOur accommodation on Christmas Is.
Our accommodationThe place of the Ship-Wrecks Disaster from Indonesia in Dec. 2010.
I love my Tim Tam's !Christmas Is. Aust. Terr.     Dec. 2009          Christmas Is. Aust. Terr.      Dec. 2009          White-mouth Moray Eel
Diver below hard Coral Sculpture   Diver with hard Coral   Diver with hard Coral  Diver with hard Coral
Diver with hard CoralDiver with Gorgonia Fan Purple Gorgonia FansOutside the Cave
Purple Gorgonia FansGorgonia FanGrey Whaler SharkDiver with Sea Cucumber
A single BatfishA pair of BatfishDiver with BatfishA School of Batfish
A Squadron of BatfishSillouettes of BatfishWhite-Cheek SurgeonfishSchool of White-Cheek Surgeonfish
Inside 'Thunder-Cliff Cave'Inside 'Thunder-Cliff Cave'Strange place for mooring !
Soul Coral in Cave Below the Dive-boatIn Thunder-Cliff CaveIn Thunder-Cliff Cave
Stalagmite Waterfall in CaveView from belowOur Dive Guide and Instructor SimonLee Johnson from Perth Scuba
Nigel & Wendy BarkerMy Dive-BuddyThe Main Jetty on the Island
Yes, close the roads !Dividers on side of Road to keep them off the road.
One large Coconut CrabRed Crab in the roofRed Crab on the roof
Red Crab on BoardwalkLarge Coconut CrabMerry Christmas !
Just relaxing !Cemetery on main roadDetention Center on Christmas Is.Down the road
The Main Entrance3 Meter Barbed Wire FenceBirds Eye View of 'Flying Fish Cove'
Birds Eye View of 'Flying Fish Cove'The first arrival of a Passenger Liner on the IslandA perfect Sunset !