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Beqa Adventure Divers

Entrance to ' The Pearl '  July '05Pacific Harbour  Fiji   July 05Wind-blown Palm TreesPacific Harbour  Fiji  July '05
On ' Predator ' jumping into Shark infested  Waters !It's feeding time !The Arena : SHARK REEF
The  Arena : SHARK REEF3 Tawny Nurse SharksDiver with Tawny Nurse SharksPacific Harbour  Fiji  July 05
The Best Shark Dive in the WorldBull Shark coming in for a feedBull Shark cruising overhead
One hungry Bull Shark on ' Shark Reef 'Bull Shark on ' Shark Reef 'One hungry Bull SharkAt the  Feeding  Station
Rusi and Bull Shark  at the  Feeding  Station'Hamilton'  the Maori  WrasseSilver Tip Shark on ' Shark Reef '
Rusiate Balenagasau +1960-2015 +         Florence & Rusi   + June 2015 +Rusi at the  Feeding  StationRusi  feeding Bull Shark
White Tip Reef Shark on ' Shark Reef 'On  Deco  Stop with RusiOn Deco Stop with RusiPappa: Manassa & Florence
Pacific Harbour Fiji  July '06Pacific Harbour  Fiji  December '06" HOT STONES " accommodation Our Back-yard
Our Back-yardThe dive boat "Predator"The dive boat " Predator "
On Taiwanese  Ship  Wreck  Reef  SceneryGorgonia  Fan  ForestDiver with Gorgonia Fan
' Hamilton ' the  Maori  WrasseBull Shark too close for comfortSilver Tip Shark on ' Shark Reef '
Bull Shark on' Shark Reef 'Bull Shark coming in for a feed2 hungry Bull Sharks on ' Shark Reef' Stewart & Florence
Therese & PeterFlorence & Manassa aka 'Pappa'A home -cooked meal !